Monday, March 31, 2014

1861 Cycle - Melvin Thomas

Deer Mavis
I love you. I hav not bean able to tell you that in slong. I miss you so much its painful. I wanted to write so you no im not deed. The first to die happened just soon but i warnt one. Im just fine, though some the others got dissntry. I hope i don't. looks awful painful. Howr things back home? You still the best barbar in the conty? course you are! I wish to be next to ya but glad yr no where around these pars. Theres some nasty stuff gone on. I havnt had no part yed. Just bean movin bout. Re-supplin other regimans. dnt no if you heer bout bull runin. i wan t lick dem butta nuts but im fraid o that yell dars. heard its friteful. but i mite be in batle son. we been doin drills more now. i hear the First Sergnt talkin bout movie along. i like it here fine thoh. I hope you safe and out o harms way alsa. i hope you no why i left ya. i have to try hep freen my famly and yrs to. Ill do my vry beest. Love yr Melvin

Enlistment Cycle - Melvin Thomas

Haikus for my famly

I sined up that nite.
I had to go in secret.
Aint no other way.

I'm sorry my love.
I just coud not stay away.
For freedom I fight.

I'll keep you in heart.
I hope to come home to you.
We will be marryd.

Tell my famly.
I will fight to keep them free
Love, your hopeful son.