Monday, April 7, 2014

1861- Alvin Cobb

 July 22, 1861

     Yestaday my regiment and me fought at the Battle of Bull Run. There was 37,000 of us, but still the 22,000 Confederate troops managed to hold us back. The South had an ate mile line along Bull Run Creek. We attacked the left side of the line. In the beginning we were defeeting them. 
The people picnicking cheered us on. Everything was perfect for us to win. I even stopped to pick up some trinkets from some of them Confederate men on the ground. Seeing them reminded me of the time I was a slave. Those cruel people deserved what they get. Other slaves were still out there and I needed to save them. 
     Once I came back to reality, smoke was the only thing the eye could see. I started to heer more gunfire coming from the Confederate side. I didn't worry about it until I saw wounded and non wounded soldiers runnin back out of the smoke. This scared me greatly. I had no idea what may be lying on the other side of the smoke that separates us. Bullets blewn by me and some shot the soldiers runnin from out of the smoke. Out of fear I commanded my regiment to run noing most of our troops had deserted their posts. 
     It was announced that the Confederacy won The Battle of Bull Run because of all the cowards that ran from the few Rebels. We also learned there were almost 5,000 casualties total. Surprising there were more casualties in the North than the South. We cannot let the Rebels gain momentum from this cowardly act of the Union. We must fight and win. 

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