Monday, April 7, 2014

1861- Ellis Wilson

deer Kathryn,
       i now you are woried abot me after hearing bout the battle of bul run. i no in my last leter i told you i was heding to manasas with my regment to cut off the railroad. i now when you heard abot the aftermath of the batle. i tel you tho, i am fine. thogh, it was a scury at the time. everyon told us that it wus goin to be eazy, som men evan stoped to get souvineers. no body was woried, til dis dixie man showed up on the hil. my frend who i was talkin to after said his nam was jackson, but the rebs cal him stonewall. i do no now why and nether did he. anyway wonce jacson showed up it was overe. mor and mor rebs kept comin, screamin and shootin like tere aint no tommrow. people at the front of the lines of trops started runnin back, and every won started runnin too. it wuz a retreet, i supose. i ran in the pak, bulets flyin everywhere. as i ran, i saw some fancy men in nice suits runnin to. i asked my budy who that was aftere, he said it wuz people comin to watch the batle. i said to him, i said why did they want to watch? it aint a show. he say he do not kno for shure either, but he say that they thot the rebs would go runnin too. now i sit at the camp ritin this to you, and thes doctrs kep bringin in thes bleedin men who are monin and screamin in pan. it make me fel prety fortunat. i se them bringin the bodes too. there be lot of them, mor tan i thoght. it is a grusome sit. it is hard to watch.
      i wus glad to hear you hav forgivin me for snekin off to join the war. i kno you are stil woried, execially after the batle recently, but i am glad you nderstand that i got to do this. i do not lik fightin with you, and i did not want this fit to go on any longer. i do not mean to wory you any more, but i have speak wit the other soilders and they tink this war wil go on for longr than expected. maybe donot pect me to return for a few mor months. i lov you.
                                                                                   your husband

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