Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Enlistment - Isaac Jefferson

Dear Mary,         
        I got in the miltary. i will fite until I hafe no breath left in me. thos peepol think they hafe a rite to own ower rase. Even though fiteing will be different from werkin on the dock, I am reedy to win this war and end slavery. ower parents died in pain beecuz of THIS! I heer they think that all men are created equl? are we not part uf mankind? We are NOT inferior yet they treet us like animals! I will not allow peepol to treat us so. When we win this war, yu and ower brothers will fineally be free frum slavery. I will rite to yu soon. yu mus burn this afer yu finish so yur master will not find out bout the letters we send. This will cost yu a beeting at the leest if he suspects sumthin. Be carefull lil sis.                                          
                                                              Yur brother,

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