Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Enlistment- Alvin Cobb

Dear Father Alfred,
     Thank yu fur prayin with me bafor I left. I thot dat was reel nice. Dat was a hard decidin whetha to join da army or move west with Amy. Plese pray with Amy fur me. I no dat she want me to stay with her. I am her only family. I no she be scared all alone. 
     I am da First Sagent fur my regment. We are da Dark Storm. Altho afta trainin to kill people I have had some worres bout my moral decisin. As yu no one of da commandments is thou shall not kill. We have been trainin to kill da people who keep us slaves but da commandment say not to. Maybe yu help dis decisin easier fur me. I no yu pray for me to go but is relly hard to leave yall behind in Pennsilvania. Is hard to struggle with da thot of endin peoples livs. Hopfuly yu can make dis choice easier fo me. I no yu said it was ok fur me to go but my soul hurts and wish ther was a easier way to end slavry. 

Yur brother in Christ,
      Alvin Cobb

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