Wednesday, April 30, 2014


          I hope yu are well. Fightin in the army is hurd, and the reealty of war is much mor brutal than it seems, but I won't stop fightin unteel you are finally out of slavery. I haf gone thrugh many battles alreedy. I wun't give up now. I wil alwuz fight fur our race. We wil no lunger be under everyone else.
          I also wrote to tell yu bout the battle. If yu hevn't heard already, the Battle of Antietam wuz fought not too long ago. We fund uh cigar that had the battle plans, so we wuh able to catch up and stop them. Had we not fund it, we probubly wuld have lost. Many say nu one wun, but the Union pushed the Confederates out, so we shoud count it as a win fur the North. During de war, there wuz so many bodies. It wuz hard and many people geev up their lives for this battle. In the time we fought, I never seen so many men keeled in one battle. Even after many problems we has, we wus steel able to push them bak. President Lincoln even came dun to tell General McClellan bout chasing the Union, but he refused.
          Plees stay strong and take care of our sister. This war weel end soon. The South can't hold on for that long. Don't let anyone see this. Yu must be careful bout everything yu say an du. They are watchin yu an making sure yu follow theer durection.

                                                Yur bruther,

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