Sunday, May 4, 2014

1863 Newspaper Article

Black Union Soldiers Refuse Their Salaries

   April 3, 1863  
     The African Americans fighting for the Union have taken a bold stance by not accepting their salaries. Wondering why? White soldiers are being paid at least $13 a month, while black soldiers are only getting around $10. The disparity doesn't stop there. The black soldiers also have to pay $3 monthly for uniforms. Thus, lowering their pay to only $7 a month. In conclusion, the highest paid blacks got half the salary of the lowest paid white soldiers. For the black Union soldiers, this was the last straw. The blacks, in protest, refused to receive their inferior wages. The abolitionist congressmen have noticed the courage of the African Americans in battle and have thus, persuaded the rest of Congress to restructure the pay system. Finally both whites and blacks are receiving equal pay. Blacks are ecstatic about the news. For some, this means they can send money to their families in need. Keep fighting hard!

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