Tuesday, May 6, 2014

1864 Blog Post

Deer Mary,
        Are yu steel well? Yu n Matthew have stayed strong fur so long. The best weel come for us at last. I am tryin to teel yu bout everythin goin on in the war, but it takes time for the letter to reach yu. By then, yu weel probably hav heard bout it.
        Word has spread quickly. Sherman's March was necessary for the war. Those Southerners deserved it. I cannot and weel not forgeev them after all thos the times we spent serving them becus of the color of our skeen. Atlanta hav been taken, but the supplies wus left there. General Sherman tuld us to liv off of the land. We took anythin and everythin we needed frum the farmers and plantation owners. It felt rite to finally ruin their lives as they did to us.
       The war weel end soon. This has shown the South dat they weel not win. Even those loyal to the South hav started to doubt the Southern army. With the civilians in need of help, the soldiers weel start to rethink the war and lose moral. Der cheeldren n wivs will suffer becus of this war. The supplies they need weel no longer exist. Der husbands and fathers weel wunt to help their family n call off the war. When we win, it weel show the South that they need to stop treatin us so poorly. We ar equals. Under our skin color, we are all the same. Take care. You weel be out of slavery soon.
                                                Yur bruther,

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