Tuesday, May 13, 2014

1865 Melvin Thomas Letter home

Papa, did ya heer bout lincns adress? he was relected the president and said a fanc thing bout his plans! he was talkin bout how he wan the counter back togethah and how the south are to be forgivin for thare sins. i gree mosly, but stil wana giver them souths a rite lashin for the crimes done. them buttah nots soulnt be let of so easy if u ask me. mos my regimnt thing so asla. but sargent cobb says thay gettin inof of a lashin wit the war an all. i spose i gree mostly, they be losin good now. i mean saylahs creek looks ta be the last batle its all right intristig if ya ask me. il be glad to get home to u and mavis. tell er sometin fo me, papa. tella that i be comin soon to er. and i be comin fast. we finly get mared and hav the babes she aways talk bout. just like cathrines, and margrets. she will be a grate bride. im sur to be sein her like that soon, as this thing bout ovah id say. ate thowsand sarendard is what they sayd i don no my numbers, but the way thay say bout it sounds an awful lot. so hop to se ya soon papa. i love you mavis. see ya soon.

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