Sunday, May 4, 2014

Ellis Wilson- 1863

deer kathryn,
     my regment has ben fightin for too days round getisburg. i dont no how it has goten as bad as it is. it al started wen we neded some shoes. cople of men went into town to get som for the solders wose feet wer the worst and they ran into som feds. they started fightin and somwere long the way reforcments cam in and it turned into a big deel. peple started runing into camp shoting bout the batle. we al had to rush into formation and march out to the place of the fightin real quick. even from fiv miles away we could hear the screams and gunfir of the battle. i didnt no wat was goin on, i just stod in my lines and watched men fall al round me. we were on top of a hill and feds wer runnin up al round me. we wer lucky we got the high grond. everthing was a blur, i gust got into routine, shot and relod, shot and relod. fightin has cezied for now, but peple are sayin it will continue tommrow.
    rumors spread like dysentary in the camps. parently some mane boys chased off feds with only bayonetts. seems to crazy to hav hapend tho. som boys swear they saw it happen. altho some boys swear they saw a man get shot in the head and kep fightin throgh the battle, so who knos whose tellin the truth.
    i coldnt tell the men round me, but kathryn, im scared. the battle seems to be never ended. i have seen things i coldnt imagine. i am lucky to be alive, but sometimes durin the battle, i wish i wasn't. i cant give up tho. ther are people down south, people who dont get to fit in this war. who continue to slave away in the fields. i must go on for them. including my mother who is still ther. i fight for my mother. that is why i stil fight through this fear.
   tommrow is goin to be anothr day in the war. who knos if im even goin  to mak it. but if i dont, i want you to  know that i love you. and i miss you. and that i died fighting for freedom.
                                                                      with love,

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