Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ellis Wilson- 1864

deer kathryn,
       im sur that you hav herd that the war has takn a drastic turn. getysburg ended up as a blue viktory after that third day of fightin. mani people died, but in the end we cam out vicorus. plus, aftr as you no liclon fred al the slave wit the emansipaton procamation and he gav the big spech at the batle field. i no you probaby red it in the paper. som literat man in my regment red me the spech. i had never herd something so inspirin and so wonderfully worded. havin seen what hapind at the batle, every word struk hom. i was surronded by other men who wer ther, and we wer al cryin and recolectin on the harsh memorys of the war. we hav ben throgh so much and i do not know how much mor i we can take. but hearin that spech, our moral was lifted up, just enough to wer we can go on for a litle wile longer. we can go on to this march.
        we are now marchin through georgia, where wwe came from befor the railroad. ther are many bad memorys her. memoriys that haunt everi fiber of my bein. memorys that mak me wak up screamin in the midle of the nite. thos memorys are fresh as we march through this land. this makes the memorys no longer nightmares, but it maks them reel. it hurts. evry tre looks lik a tre from the plantaton. everythin haunts me. it makes the march unberable. walkin is unberable. talkin is unberable. al i can do is lok forward and tri to not think. everythin works beter when i dont think. so even tho its hard, i do my duty, and i dont think.
       the march spreds miles cross and al we do is destory. that was exacly what officer said. tak what we ned and burn the rest. i should feel guilty, but i dont think. if you dont think you dont feel guilty. i see the burning homes but i dont comprehend it. al i se is dutys bein folowed through. we marched for a long time, but i was in the best shap i had bin in in a long time. we had plenty food becas we tok animals from farms. i never felt so strong. not mentaly corse, i had never felt so week mentaly.
      we hav reached savanah which we easly tok. al the men who wer suposed to be guardin it had fled. scured of us i supose. i wold be. we destroy. i dont know if it is cold, but it is efective. ther was on thing that woke me up from my non thinkin state. toward the end of the march we came ner a area that felt familar. we radied a plantation, freein the slaves, and burnin the crops. i saw cros the field my mama. i new she was stil in georgia, this musta bin the plantaton i gruw up on. she saw me, and even tho i havent sen her sinc i was yong, she ran over and rapped her arms round me and crid. boy did she cry. i was in no thinkin mode tho. i huged her, but then i sent her with the rest of the freed peple and told her id talk to her in savanah. now im in savanah and i gotta talk to her. i dont know what to say. i escaped, fought through this war to fre her, and now she is fre. al i have expirenced in this march has hit me now. i cry now, for you, for those who we lost at getysburg, for those whose homes i destroyed, for my mother. my mother is in the other rom. i must speak with her. i shold be comin home son enough. i will bring my mother with me. get her away from thes memorys, just like i ned to. i lov and mis you..

                                                                     se you soon

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